We place a very high priority on serving the church around the world, and have a number of partners who are, or have been, engaged in either long or short term overseas Christian work.

We allocate a substantial part of our budget for the financial support of our Global Partners. They are regularly prayed for and, wherever possible, visited by church representatives.

Each Global Partner has a specific Link Person in the church, and the Global Partnership Team meets regularly to promote and encourage their work.

Our current partners include UFM, via whom we support two workers.

Paula Harris works with street children in the north of Brazil and another member works in Central Asia.

We also support one couple serving with OMF in East Asia.

And most recently three of our members have taken up roles with OMPaul and Stephanie Wheatley are based in Barbados with OM Carribean, and Steve Chedgzoy works with the OM ship Logos Hope based here in the UK.

Another member, Dino Zaigirdar, currently serves with Inner City Impact in Chicago.

Monyhull Church has an historic link with the church in Poland – a link which continues to this day. In 1993, through the agency of the Slavic Gospel Association, we were linked with a Polish pastor, Jacek Duda.

The purpose of the partnership was to support gospel work in that part of Eastern Europe, as well as our being helped by the experience of the Polish church.

At the time of the original contact, Jacek was working in church planting in the north of Poland. He has since moved to serve a church in the city of Lublin, SE Poland.

Following the initial linking, our pastor and one of our elders arranged to visit in 1994, and since then there have been numerous visits back and forth.

We continue to visit, and have also taken regular youth teams out to help with camps and conferences.

First Baptist Church Brandon, Mississippi
We share a close link with a church out in Mississippi and have had the joy of having them come each year with a team to take part in life at the church. We in turn have sent out two teams to help in their work and hope to continue this partnership for many years to come.

Closer to home, we maintain an interest in the various international communities in Birmingham. We support Friends International working with overseas students, and we also support a couple working with ethnic minorities through ABWE.

A number of our members are actively involved in two local charities, and we are privileged to support them in this. Birmingham City Mission runs a number of excellent projects caring for disadvantaged people across Birmingham. Just Caring is a newly formed charity working with vulnerable adults in the south of the city.