If you’re brand new to Monyhull Church then we’re delighted that you are enquiring about us! There’s plenty of ways to find out more – we hope the website will be useful, but you can just call or email the church at any time and we’ll do all we can to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, please just speak to whoever greets you when you first arrive on a Sunday and they’ll be delighted to chat to you and give you any information you need.

Here are some things that we hope will make you feel comfortable when you come to our Sunday morning service:

What should I wear?
Whatever you feel comfortable with! It really isn’t important what you look like or what you wear, and most people will be pretty casual. We’ll just be glad you’ve come along!

What about my kids?
Children are well looked after at Monyhull, with several groups run by our very capable youth and children’s workers (all of whom are DBS checked).

On Sunday mornings, you are most welcome to keep your children in the main service throughout its duration. But there will be a chance half way through the service for the kids to join an age-appropriate activity – either creche or one of our Growth Groups where they will get some excellent Bible teaching.

Information on when and where these activities happen will be relayed by the service leader.

What happens when I arrive?
On arrival you will be welcomed at the door and given a notice sheet. This contains all relevant information to the church and will give you an idea of our programme of events for the week.

Then it’s simply a case of finding a seat. There are no ‘reserved’ seats and we totally understand if you just want to slip in at the back as it might be quite daunting at first. The service will begin begin with hymns, prayers and Bible readings and then there will be a talk, normally lasting about 35 mins. The whole service finishes about 12:15

The songs and hymns will be projected on a screen at the front. Mostly we stand to sing, but sometimes we sit. On each occasion the service leader will explain what’s happening next.

If you don’t have a Bible, then don’t worry. We will gladly provide a church Bible if you ask, and often the relevant reading is also projected at the front.

Will I have to join in?
Our regular attenders will participate in the service in different ways, but there’s absolutely no requirement for anyone to join in and we hope our guests will feel comfortable just sitting and watching.

Will I be asked to give money?
No. Absolutely not. We never actively collect money in any of our services. There is a box available at the back of the church if you want to put something in, but that is certainly not expected. The church is funded through the gifts of its regular members and we do not expect our guests to contribute.

What is an ‘Evangelical’ Church?
Evangelical Churches have a great confidence in the Bible and place particular emphasis on its importance in everything they do. They are not necessarily ‘happy clappy’ (we aren’t!) and they certainly aren’t the same thing as the American ‘tele-evangelists’. We think you will find us fairly quiet and normal though at the same time you will note that we are very enthusiastic about our faith and really love being together.

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