Do you ever feel that longing for something that can’t be described? Its a longing that can’t be satisfied by anything here on earth. Its a longing for the hope of heaven which is to come, our heavenly home where we will be with Jesus. Sometimes we can just get a glimpse maybe in a song or in a sunrise or in Scripture that stirs that longing. Treasure those stirrings. Store up those glimpses. Be present now but always with that hope for the future. It brings joy.

“Like ghosts become flesh for the first time
we came to the land of the living
tasted the bread
sipped the wine
spoke the language of belonging.

In a tent on a hill walled by green
we gathered for one more meal
I watched twilight
dance with candlelight
and breathed a hint of truly alive.

Can you be sick for a home you’ve never seen?
Sometimes the curtain flutters,
and I catch a glimpse
of a fawn in the shadow
that bids me to follow.

I can’t. Not yet.

But I am coming home.”
Jen Rose Yokel