The Power of God

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the protestant reformation. In 1517 Martin Luther rediscovered the gospel of God’s grace in the book of Romans. With that discovery a reformation began in his own heart that quickly spread to the nations. Gospel truths that had long been forgotten or obscured were once again the cause of great joy and powerful change in people’s lives.

To mark this anniversary we will be taking a tour through the first seven chapters of Romans in an upcoming Sunday morning sermon series titled The Power of God. It will be more of a sprint than a marathon as we survey seven very rich and weighty chapters in seven sermons. To help us unpack and apply these chapters we will also be studying them in our home groups.

There are many excellent resources that we could turn to for help on Romans but I’d like to recommend two recent books that have been produced. The Good Book Company have published a devotional commentary called Romans For You by Tim Keller and there is an accompanying study guide called The Gift of God also by Keller. Lets pray that as we open up this part of God’s Word that lives will be transformed as minds are renewed (Rom 12:2).