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Poland 2017

July 25, 2017

On Saturday 8th July a team of seven from Monyhull Church travelled 1250 miles to the city of Lublin in Poland. We didn’t go for the Pierogi (meat dumplings) or the Pickled Gherkins. We went there to help run a holiday-Bible camp at a special site in the village of Kunow. This was the latest in a series of exchanges that began in 1994. You can read about the history of this link in a previous blog post. This most recent visit began with a brief tour of Lublin on Saturday followed by our participation in the Sunday morning service.

On Sunday afternoon we travelled to Kunow and set up for the week. Each day began and ended with meetings in the main hall – with a sermon series on John’s gospel in the mornings and the Beatitudes in the evenings. These meetings were interspersed with introductions, testimonies and lots of singing!

There was a separate children’s track running in the mornings with songs and craft activities around the themes of the main talks. Outside of these meetings there was lots of free time to play football and volley ball, go swimming or boating on the local lakes, and enjoy getting to know each other. Despite the language barrier it was a great opportunity to serve our friends in Poland and we felt in many ways that we had received more than we had given.

Poland is dominated by Roman Catholicism (97% identify as RCs and 60% regularly attend Mass). While this opens up many opportunities to speak about the Christian faith, there is a very powerful loyalty and cultural identification with the Roman Catholic Church.

In Britain evangelical Christians are a minority treated with suspicion in a secular culture. In Poland the same is true in a very religious culture. As we face our own challenges, let us also pray for our friends in Poland, that the Lord will give them courage to shine as stars as they hold firmly to the Word of life (Phil 2:16).

The personal attractions of Jesus

June 27, 2017

(By Octavius Winslow: 1808-1878)

Yes, He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved — and this is my Friend!” Song of Songs 5:16

The personal attractions of Jesus are all inviting and irresistible!

  • His love wins us.
  • His glory charms us.
  • His beauty attracts us.
  • His sympathy soothes us.
  • His gentleness subdues us.
  • His faithfulness inspires us.
  • He is the “altogether lovely One!”


  • Jesus is all that is tender in love.
  • Jesus is all that is wise in counsel.
  • Jesus is all that is patient and kind.
  • Jesus is all that is faithful in friendship.
  • Jesus is all that is soothing and healing.


  • The heart of Jesus is ever loving towards His children.
  • The disposition of Jesus is ever kind towards His children.
  • The nature of Jesus is ever sympathizing towards His children.
  • Jesus is your Brother, your Friend, your Redeemer.


  • As your Brother — He knows the need of His brethren in adversity.
  • As your Friend — He shows Himself friendly.
  • As your Redeemer — He has redeemed your soul from sin and Hell.

Jesus has ascended up on high to take possession of Heaven on your behalf, and to prepare a place for you!

Upon His heart, He wears your name as a precious pearl in the priestly breastplate.

He is able to save completely those who come to God through Him, because He always lives to intercede for them.

There is…

  • not a moment of your time,
  • nor an event of your life,
  • nor a circumstance of your daily history,
  • nor a mental or spiritual emotion of yours —

in which you are not borne upon the love, and remembered in the ceaseless intercession of Christ.

[From Shamim]

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The Power of God

April 27, 2017

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the protestant reformation. In 1517 Martin Luther rediscovered the gospel of God’s grace in the book of Romans. With that discovery a reformation began in his own heart that quickly spread to the nations. Gospel truths that had long been forgotten or obscured were once again the cause of great joy and powerful change in people’s lives.

To mark this anniversary we will be taking a tour through the first seven chapters of Romans in an upcoming Sunday morning sermon series titled The Power of God. It will be more of a sprint than a marathon as we survey seven very rich and weighty chapters in seven sermons. To help us unpack and apply these chapters we will also be studying them in our home groups.

There are many excellent resources that we could turn to for help on Romans but I’d like to recommend two recent books that have been produced. The Good Book Company have published a devotional commentary called Romans For You by Tim Keller and there is an accompanying study guide called The Gift of God also by Keller. Lets pray that as we open up this part of God’s Word that lives will be transformed as minds are renewed (Rom 12:2).

Sing to the Lord a new song

April 13, 2017

Psalm 96 begins

Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth

Over the last couple of days I’ve stumbled across two more new songs, hope you enjoy them:


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New song

April 12, 2017

Lou Fellingham has recently released this song which is full of hope and encouragement


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Mike Ovey on the Grace of God

March 29, 2017

Many of us were shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Mike Ovey on January 7th 2017. Mike was probably best known for his role as the principal of Oak Hill theological College where he leaves a legacy of men and women inspired and trained for biblically faithful gospel-centred ministry for generations to come. It is well worth reading Chris Green’s short obituary for Mike here and pausing to give God thanks for his life and pray for his family and friends.

I recently came across Mike’s 2013 address to GAFCON – The Grace of God or the World of the West? If you want to get a flavour Mike’s Christian convictions it’s a brilliant and challenging message to hear. You can watch/listen to it below or read the transcript here.

To give you a flavour of what he has to say here is a short extract that particularly struck me: “It is not enough just to say the word grace an awful lot. The issue is what we mean by it and whether we mean what the Bible means by it or whether we have made up our own meanings for ourselves…the kind of grace that I think the Western church talks about is cheap grace… Dietrich Bonhoeffer defines cheap grace as the grace that we bestow on ourselves…it is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline, communion without confession…it is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ living and incarnate.”

Man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward!

March 23, 2017

[from Shamim]

Man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward!” Job 5:7

“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.” John 16:33

“Through many hardships and tribulations, we must enter the kingdom of God.” Acts 14:22

No one has ever lived, who has not had his times of discouragement, heaviness, sorrow and disappointment. Cares and afflictions come to all. Life has its adversities — it must needs have them.

Adversity, pain, sorrow, and disappointment — are the lathe upon which God shapes us. They are the grinding-wheel which grinds and smoothes us. They are the polishing-wheel which makes us shine. If we can never be happy until we are so situated that nothing exists which may tend to render us unhappy — then we shall have little happiness in life.

Happiness does not come from a life of ease and indolence. It is not the result of the absence of obstacles and difficulties. Happiness comes from triumphing over them. Therefore the song of true happiness, often arises from the soul which undergoes many adversities.

Dear soul, Jesus knows all about your troubles. He knows every heartache, every difficulty, everything you must overcome, everything you must bear. Trusting in His grace, relying upon His help — you shall soon find your heart filling again with melody, for the clouds will pass away! (Charles Naylor)


“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away!” Revelation 21:4

Glen Scrivener explains the Good News

January 27, 2017

We are excited to have Glen Scrivener visiting us this coming Sunday. Glen will be preaching God’s Word in our morning service and speaking at our Big Questions meeting in the evening. Glen helps lead Speak Life and is the main speaker for the Events week this coming week, organised by the University of Birmingham Christian Union. As well as being an excellent preacher Glen is also a very gifted evangelist. Lets pray for God’s blessing on Glen’s ministry and the work of Speak Life.


January 25, 2017

Do you ever feel that longing for something that can’t be described? Its a longing that can’t be satisfied by anything here on earth. Its a longing for the hope of heaven which is to come, our heavenly home where we will be with Jesus. Sometimes we can just get a glimpse maybe in a song or in a sunrise or in Scripture that stirs that longing. Treasure those stirrings. Store up those glimpses. Be present now but always with that hope for the future. It brings joy.

“Like ghosts become flesh for the first time

we came to the land of the living

tasted the bread

sipped the wine

spoke the language of belonging.

In a tent on a hill walled by green

we gathered for  one more meal

I watched twilight

dance with candlelight

and breathed a hint of truly alive.

Can you be sick for a home you’ve never seen?

Sometimes the curtain flutters,

and I catch a glimpse

of a fawn in the shadow

that bids me to follow.

I can’t. Not yet.

But I am coming home.”   Jen Rose Yokel

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Gifts of and for the Church

January 18, 2017

peterSomeone has shared a blog post with me that resonates very closely with what I was trying to share last Sunday morning about the purpose of God’s gifts to the church (Eph 4:7-16). It expresses the same sentiments as my sermon (perhaps more clearly!) and even uses the same illustration I used from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!

susanBelow is an extract of the post by Heidi Johnston but I’d encourage you to follow the link and read the full post here. I hope it stimulates you to reflect on how you are seeking to use your ‘time and talents‘ for the good of the church and the glory of God.

There is a gift for each child – a sword and shield for Peter, a bow and horn for Susan, and a dagger and cordial for Lucy. Each gift is directly related to the personality and role of the child but each is given for the good of Narnia. Rather than diminishing the value of the gift itself, this knowledge adds a solemnity and significance that would otherwise be lacking.

lucyWhile it is important to know what your gift is, I think it is equally important to understand the purpose for which it was given. Rather than simply a pat on the back from a benevolent father or a weapon in the fight for pole position, any gift we have is given as a crucial and integral part of the battle to defend, strengthen and build the Church of Christ.”

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